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Our Background

Lucrezia Cester

Co-founder & CEO of LightHearted AI

Developed this device during her PhD. She then went to work in the NHS as an AI clinical scientist developing and deploying AI algorithms for clinicians on demand and building end-to-end regulatory workflows. This gave her deep expertise of the challenges facing the healthcare systems today, and how to navigate them. 


Dilip Rajeswari

Co-founder & CTO of LightHearted AI

Has 5+ years of experience where he has co-founded and led multiple R&D teams at MedTech startups focusing on the intersection of Machine Learning, Biomedical data modalities, and signal processing. He has led these teams from ideation to product development to regulatory pathway to clinical deployment.

Ghena Hammour

Product and Innovation Lead

Has 6+ years of experience in physiological sensing, signal processing, machine learning and hardware development. She holds PhD in Electrical and Electronics engineering and a Master’s degree in Bioengineering from Imperial College. Ghena has contributed significantly to the development of in-ear sensing and has advanced the field by introducing novel methods for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, cardiac sensing and brain monitoring.  

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